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So it seems like everyone is talking about the cougar dating subject, again. What is really going on in the cougar realm today? What should you watch out for when dating in cougar websites?

For those of you who are not very familiar with the cougar term it basically signifies an older/mature woman who appreciates the mindset of youth and dates those who are youthful in mind, body, soul, or all. Additionally it could also signify a mature male, ("cub") whatever his age, to be attracted to a mature woman who he can get along with on all other realms as well.

Dating on cougar websites has become quite popular now and many cougar dating communities have sprung up and are becoming very recognized. There has been a stigma about the cougar term every since it started becoming a catch phrase. Many people still think that the term just means a woman wanting a discrete physical relationship with a younger guy... and visa-versa. However, many "real cougars" will tell you it's the opposite.

The similarities are that it's about a strong mental and intellectual appreciation from each person. That friendship and communication are the foundations. Some might tell you that the physical aspects of the relationship are very nice as well.

Many online dating cougar services have been springing up all over the Internet. Interestingly enough there are cougar websites that are very casual and safe. Those who are truly passionate about it can appreciate the real cougar subject. Unfortunately, there are some cougar websites that have not appreciated it.

Some things to watch out for on online cougar dating websites are:

1. Websites that have excessive promiscuous graphics, art, and advertisements. That usually promotes just that kind of behavior.

2. Websites that allow public nudity. Doing that gives a bad name on the cougar dating community and categorizes it on the lines of adult material - which it's not.

3. If the majority of the people that make up a cougar community engage in promiscuous or subjective talk. That is not what the real cougar subject is about.

However, there are cougar sites that are respectful, fun, and interesting. Some things that you will want to look for are a respectful and professional website, graphics and advertising that are not sexual or demeaning. Finally, doing research and reading reviews of certain cougar dating sites could help you make a more informed decision when dating in cougar websites

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